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What's Happening Now!

Here's where all the updates and announcements will be posted regularly.  Check back often to find out about new music, performances, album and song releases, band member news and touring plans.  2023 will be a busy year, so stay tuned!


Spending the Winter in the Studio

January 16, 2023

Songs have been piling up, circling around for years waiting to land.  There were hundreds of hours of isolation for writing new songs from 2020 into 2021.  There were already dozens of unrecorded songs in the bag, too!  I began planning a new studio last March, toured a bit in the east, then came back to start putting the pieces together.  Lots of time spent refining acoustic space, researching and experimenting with new interfaces, microphones, preamps and instruments.  Then, in October, I started putting down the first scratch tracks.  It was December before I was joined by Rusty Humphrey and Matt Scutchfield and we started tracking the new songs.  Now, with everything humming nicely, we'll be recording all through the coming months.  

Watch for releases in the late spring, including cuts from the concept album I'm writing with 3 time Iditarod musher, Karen Land.  Stay tuned!

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