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Adam ~ Bier Brewery, Indianapolis

Great Show!

Philadelphia Phil has played Bier Brewery on many occasions and it has always been a fun and enjoyable show. I recommend him to anyone looking for a guaranteed crowd-pleaser!

Robert Newport ~ McGowan Hall

Philadelphia Phil is a Consummate Professional

I manage "McGowan Hall" in downtown Indianapolis. Phil plays at the Hall monthly and has helped us improve programming, lighting, sound, video, and more. He is easy to work with, a proven pro, and genuinely interested in building strong community and a "scene" with talented musicians.

Ryan DePhillips ~ Penn State Collegian

Central Pennsylvania Festival of Art and Music 2017

Christopher mentioned while most of his folk songs are based off of his life, there are some things he said he fabricated, which "the audience had to figure out for themselves."

One of those audience members was Dan O'Donnell, a Class of 1978 alumnus from Pittsburgh, who watched various events at Old Main Lawn throughout the day.

"I thought he had a great voice and many interesting stories to tell throughout his songs," O'Donnell said.

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