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Iditarod photographer Jeff Schultz on Trail Angels

This was posted on the Facebook page of celebrated Alaskan photographer, Jeff Schultz, last Friday. We're very flattered and happy our music is loved by such a legend in the mushing world!

Recently, Iditarod Musher Karen Land reached out wanting to use a couple of my Iditarod photos on a music CD that she was involved with...

It's just the kind of music you would expect from someone in the dog mushing circle. Acoustic folk/bluegrass. I love it.

Their music TOTALLY reminds me of "Dr. Schultz & the Last Frontier band." Anyone of you old enough to remember those folks? I went to one of their concerts back in 1979 at West High School and it turned out to be a fund-raiser for the Iditarod. THAT concert is what got me involved with the Iditarod in the first place where I met for the first time Joe Redington Sr. - Father of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.

Trail Angels is available as a CD, with photography by Jeff Schultz and full-color insert, or as a digital download at:

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